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Prefabrication is transforming how construction is done.  With shorter building cycles, labor shortages and complicated building sites, prefabrication provides solutions for many of the issues we face in construction today. WalMark Prefab provides integrated prefabricated building systems that simplifies the construction process while improving the schedule, budget, and quality of your project.

Through detailed structural design and virtual CAD modeling, we are able to seamlessly produce precision engineered drawings.  Our innovative methods greatly reduce lead-time and streamline your design process. Our prefabricated models and drawings offer a detailed level of precision that helps eliminate human error.

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All panels are prefabricated within a climate controlled manufacturing facility with state of the art equipment.  Pre-assembly of panels provides faster production in a safer environment.  Our lightweight, energy efficient, durable panels are manufactured to require only a fraction of the typical installation time

panel installation photo.jpg

Factory assembly allows for a simplified and safer installation process.  Because the panels are engineered and constructed for a seamless fit, onsite construction is more efficient.  This allows for the reduction of the number of onsite workers required for installation, and provides for less impact on existing facility operations.

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