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Wal-Mark Contracting Group worked with directly with the design team refining the prefab details and scope of work, allowing other trades to tie in seamlessly with the prefab exterior wall panels ensuring both quality and time savings in the field. Wal-Mark contracting was able to fabricate and install 136 panels including both StoPanel Classic NExT ci and StoPanel Impact ci Panels to meet Florida’s stringent wind load and impact rated specifications.


With a late release date and a firm completion date, schedule savings was paramount.  To complicate matters, much of the exterior consisted of curtain wall and glazed openings that where required to complete dry in. Along with the extensive amount of underground utilities limiting site access this project was shaping up to be both difficult and dangerous to access.


Despite the short production window, the StoPanel prefabrication process allowed Wal-Mark Contracting Group to manufacture and install within the aggressive timeline. The precision and repeatability of the panels allowed the glazing contractor to pre-order material to get the building dried in. Panelizing this project also had the added benefit of enhanced jobsite safety due to reduced manpower needed onsite. This small team of 8 panel installation experts replaced the estimated 30-40 men it would have required to build a traditional exterior wall system. This small team of installation experts where able to install 136 panels in 11 days, avoiding underground utilities and exceeding expectations on this challenging project.

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